They’re back for round two! :heart_eyes: Emilia Pedra and Alexei Ramos, who both hail from Salvador de Bahía, Brazil and are now based in Valencia, Spain, have extensively trained in various dance styles. Emilia is trained in ballet, modern, contemporary as well as hiphop, started with couple dances including Salsa at age 12 and eventually went on to even pursue degrees in Physical Education and Biomechanics of Movement. Alexei founded his own contemporary dance company in Sao Paulo after years of experience and in 2010 danced in the Maykel Fonts Company in Milan. The pair, who is deeply committed to Cuban culture, has also co-organized the Viva Cuba festival in Sao Paulo.

Emilia and Alexei are known for their focus on musicality, individual expression and fusing the Timba that we all know with influences from their home, creating their absolutely unique style. And did we mention they’re super friendly and charismatic as well? Their classes are super fun and challenging and are sure to provide you with loads of new inspiration, so don’t miss out on them! :rocket: :star_struck:  

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