At Crazy 4 la Timba you will experience three superb concerts that will be a very nice sample of the diversity of Cuban dance music - Alain Pérez y la Orquesta, Papucho y Manana Club and Renesito Avich.

Alain Pérez y la Orquesta

Saturday, 24 Sep

Singer, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentist.

Alain Pérez, one of the main figures of the Cuban music scene, becoming very influential and a source of inspiration for colleagues and younger generations of musicians, setting higher the quality standards for this music movement.

With “Hablando con Juana”, “ADN” and “El Cuento De La Buena Pipa” he has shown his deep commitment with the roots of Cuban music and his permanent hunger to defy boundaries, innovate and propose works as rich in quality as in sabor.

With LA ORQUESTA, he blasts the public during their concerts with a powerful musical tsunami full of energy and emotions. And you will be part of it.

Alain Perez

Renesito Avich

Friday, 23 Sep
More info coming soon

Papucho y Manana Club


Given the recent European tour cancellation for Papucho y Manana Club, sadly, we won't be able to have them with us in C4LT.

We are committed to have Papucho y Manana Club in the future with us, we are sure this will happen because this band is truly amazing and they deserve an audience like you, crazy timber@s.