DJ Timbalero

DJ Timbalero

🚀 DJ Timbalero fell in love with Cuban music in 1997. Ever since, he’s been a major influence in the development of the Cuban dance and music scene in the East of France, organizing events and bringing some of the greatest Timba bands to the local stages. As a DJ, he’s been to pretty much …

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DJ Tomka

DJ Tom NKa

DJ Tom Nka might just be the personification of VIBES – if you’ve ever been to an after party of a certain Cuban festival in Tunisia, you KNOW what we mean 😜🔥he’s regularly booked at all the major Cuban festivals and always the life of the party, hyping up the crowd. his superb technical skills …

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DJ Pantera

DJ Lucio

Lucio, better known as La Pantera, has been a passionate DJ since 2016, after realizing that was his way to express his love for Cuban music. He is the creator of the local movement “Street Timba” in Barcelona, with the aim of bringing the variety of Cuban music to the widest possible public and making …

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DJ Rafi

DJ Rafi

Straight from Amsterdam, it’s DJ Rafi! Rafi is not only a passionate DJ, but also event organizer and of course enthusiastic dancer. He has made a name for himself with multiple residencies in the Netherlands, promoting his events and DJing at major international Cuban festivals. Communicating with the dancers through the music, Rafi is known …

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DJ Yala

DJ Yala

Like many DJs, our dear Yala first started out as a dancer but quickly wanted to learn and discover more about the music that she was so drawn to. In 2017, after realizing how that the Cuban DJ scene was seriously lacking some women power, she finally made the move and became a DJ herself …

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Artist Sofia de Endaya


For Sofia de Endaya, it was love at first sight when it comes to Cuban dances. While spending some time in Barcelona, she extensively trained under Jorge Camagüey and focused specifically on Rumba and Afro-Cuban dances. In 2013, she won the German Rueda Championship with the group “Cuban Salsa Power” and started teaching as well. …

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Artist Luis Duarte

Luis Duarte

Luis Duarte, who was born in Portugal, discovered Cuban dances at the age of 17 and quickly went from being a talented student to becoming an even more talented instructor and choreograph. He immersed himself in various dances such as ballet, capoeira and breakdance that now influence his personal unique style. In recent years, his …

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