Artist Yusimi Moya


Yusimi Moya Rodríguez is an incredible and extremely versatile dancer, who graduated from the National School of Arts in Cuba (ENA). She danced and toured worldwide with the famous Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba for five years, worked with numerous prestigious choreographers, and appeared in multiple music videos of popular artists such as Los Van …

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Artist Sofia de Endaya


For Sofia de Endaya, it was love at first sight when it comes to Cuban dances. While spending some time in Barcelona, she extensively trained under Jorge Camagüey and focused specifically on Rumba and Afro-Cuban dances. In 2013, she won the German Rueda Championship with the group “Cuban Salsa Power” and started teaching as well. …

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Artist Emilia Pedra


They’re back for round two! Emilia Pedra and Alexei Ramos, who both hail from Salvador de Bahía, Brazil and are now based in Valencia, Spain, have extensively trained in various dance styles. Emilia is trained in ballet, modern, contemporary as well as hiphop, started with couple dances including Salsa at age 12 and eventually went …

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Artist Yuliet Estrada


Yuliet Estrada Linares was born in Havana and dancing has been a big part of her life from childhood. She has a folkloric background as a former dancer of the Conjunto Folclórico de la Universidad de la Habana, has successfully performed in various shows and competitions nationally and internationally and worked with the prestigious Prodanza …

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Artist Diana Rodriguez

Diana Rodríguez

Diana Rodriguez Garcia is undoubtedly one of the most successful current artists, representing the new generation of Cuban dance culture that combines traditional elements with new and fresh style and spice. She was born and raised in Santiago de Cuba and studied both modern and contemporary dances at the School of Dance Arts, where she …

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Artist Alex Toledo

Alex Toledo

Alex Toledo studied theater and has felt at home in many artistical disciplines and on stage from a young age. After having done rhythmic gymnastics and ballet on competition level in her youth, she first danced Salsa en línea before finally falling in love with Cuban dances and rhythms when visiting a festival in 2016. …

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