Crazy 4 La Timba: Ignite Your Passion for Cuban Dance in Lisbon!

Feel the rhythm, ignite your passion, and experience the energy of Cuban dance in Lisbon, Portugal from October 17th-20th, 2024.

Crazy 4 La Timba welcomes dancers of all levels, from few dance experience to seasoned pros looking to refine their craft. Join us for four days of workshops tailored to every skill level, electrifying parties, and a deep dive into the vibrant culture of Cuba.

Get ready for pure Cuban vibes that will leave you wanting more!

Why You'll Go Crazy for This Festival

Choose Your Adventure

VIP Pass
Experience Crazy 4 La Timba in ultimate style! Enjoy unlimited workshops, all parties, a personalized festival T-shirt, free drinks, and exclusive access to the Afro-Cuban Dance Conference on Saturday.
Immerse yourself in the full festival experience! Get unlimited access to all workshops and parties, plus join us for the insightful Afro-Cuban Dance Conference on Saturday.
Bootcamp Ticket
Hone your skills and shine on stage! Choose your focus (Afro, Lady Styling, or Timba), enjoy 4 hours of intensive training, and then showcase your moves at the Saturday night party.
Conference Ticket
Dive deep into the cultural roots of Cuban dance! This ticket grants you access to the fascinating Afro-Cuban Dance Conference on Saturday, perfect for those with Party Passes, Bootcamp Tickets, or individual Party Tickets.
Party Pass
Dance the nights away! Get access to all four electrifying party nights, featuring the hottest DJs and live music.
Party Ticket
Experience one unforgettable night! Choose your favorite party and get ready to dance to the rhythm of Cuba.

Meet the Masters

The artists we invited to Crazy 4 la Timba are truly passionate about and dedicated to Cuban dance, music, and its culture and we’re incredibly happy to have them on board for this experience :star_struck:

Amazing dance instructors who are sure to take your skills and knowledge to the next level, musicians to enrich the workshops even more and provide an authentic learning experience, DJs to turn up the heat on the dance floor all night long and photographers to capture all these incredible moments – you can find out more about them right here!

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