We are very happy about the increasing demand for tickets for tonight's concert of Alain Pérez! Due to the great interest, there is a new location for the concert as well as the party. The new location "Os Penicheiros (Sirb)" offers you more space to dance, and the possibility to enjoy the concert to the fullest.

Take the chance to combine this special night with a boat tour and make your Lisbon experience even more eventful! The boats leave every hour from the ferry terminal "Terreiro do Paço" and take about 20 minutes to the terminal "Barreiro". From there it's about a 15 minute walk until the party can begin. The departure times in both directions can be found below and at

Here again all important information at a glance:

Location: Os Penicheiros (Sirb), R. Alm. Reis 66, Barreiro

Start: 22:00

Departure times outbound (Terreiro do Paço - Barreiro): 20:55, 21:25, 21:55, 22:55, 00:00, 00:30, 01:00

Departure times return (Barreiro - Terreiro do Paço): 01:30, 05:15, 05:45

Duration of the trip: about 20 min

Price per way: 2,50 €

Alternatively for those who prefer to go by car can easily order an Uber directly to the venue.

We are looking forward to seeing you tonight and to celebrating together with you!

Welcome to Crazy 4 la Timba

A new festival concept: Fresh, passionate and crazy.

Crazy 4 La Timba is focused on highlighting the connection between music, dance and soul.

Sharing joy and happy moments with Cuban music as the soundtrack, letting yourself go to the music, learning, taking care of and spreading the culture behind Timba and other sounds from Cuba… This is what C4T is about!

The beautiful city of Lisbon will be the heart of Cuban music and dance next September 2022 for the international community that follows and loves these authentic expressions.

How is it going to be?

When we decided to organize this event for you, crazy timber@s, we went ALL IN!

So here is what you can expect from Crazy 4 La Timba:

We have prepared a special program aiming to embrace music and cultural authenticity, always keeping it fresh and current.

Activities designed to take advantage of the beautiful city of Lisbon with its great weather, sights and people, at the same time we nurture the community and enjoy what drives our hearts and souls crazy.

Workshops focused on Cuban social dances as well as folkloric ones, with live singing, percussion and amazing instructors.

Special classes, given by consecrated musicians, aiming to increase your knowledge and understanding of Cuban music and take those experiences and vibes to your dancing.
We are cooking three superb concerts that will be a very nice sample of the diversity of Cuban dance music, always aiming to provide to you the best quality conditions possible to enjoy it and obtain the best musical experience. We want your heads to blow off and fill your chests of emotions with Alain Pérez y la Orquesta, Papucho y Manana Club and Renesito Avich.
FOUR SERIOUS FIESTAS are waiting for you with a crew of DJs whose commitment to great Cuban music and a crazy dance floor is absolute and their priority. We would be training those legs and feet if we were you, hehe.

Wanted to have a festival in a sunny and lovely main city (actually inside it!), with excellent airport connections from most big cities in the world and amazing gastronomy? Then, we have chosen one of the best places possible for this! Lisbon is the place to be next 22 to 25 September 2022!!

And it is getting even better. Both of our locations for the 4 crazy parties, the 3 concerts and all the workshops will be directly at the riverside in Lisbon.

Get to know the city of Lisbon at 23.09.2022!

On this tour you will be able to feel the mix of cultures so unique to Lisbon and learn a bit more about its history, culture and curiosities.

During 3 hours, stating at 12pm, we will explore the city of Lisbon and see what this amazing city has to offer.

Soon you will be able to buy your ticket.



The artists we invited to C4T are real apasionados about Cuban music and the culture behind it. We couldn’t be happier to have them on board and we are sure you will enjoy learning from, dancing and sharing joy with them.

3 amazing bands for our concerts which make your cuban heart jumping, 15 of the best dance professors to learn from, 8 musician to bring the workshops even on a higher level and to provide you with very special classes. To heat the dance floor we invited 7 DJ's and as well 4 photographers to capture all these incredible moments coming soon to Lisbon.

You want to know more about our artists? On our artist page we share with you all the information why they will fill our weekend with different and amazing flavors.