Explore the Heart of Cuban Culture at Crazy 4 la Timba Conferences

Dive deep into the vibrant world of Cuban music and its rich cultural heritage at the Crazy 4 la Timba Festival’s enlightening conference series. Join us in Lisbon from October 17-20, 2024, for a curated selection of talks and panel discussions led by renowned experts in Cuban music and culture.

Engaging Topics and Insightful Discussions

Our conference lineup spans a wide range of topics designed to enlighten and inspire. From the rhythmic complexities of Timba to the historical roots of Cuban musical genres, each session offers a unique exploration of the elements that define Cuban culture.

Highlights Include:

  • The Evolution of Timba: Trace the journey of Cuba’s explosive dance music phenomenon with musicologists and prominent musicians.
  • Roots of Rhythm: Discover the African and Spanish influences that have shaped Cuban music over centuries.
  • Contemporary Cuban Music Scene: Gain insights into the current trends and future directions of music in Cuba, directly from industry insiders.
  • Dance and Identity: Explore how dance serves as a dynamic expression of cultural identity in Cuba, with demonstrations from celebrated Cuban dance instructors.

Interactive and Immersive Experience

Not just a listening experience, our conferences offer interactive Q&A sessions, allowing you to engage directly with speakers and fellow enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a curious newcomer, these discussions will deepen your appreciation and understanding of Cuban culture and its global impact.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Experience

Whether you’re looking to master the dance floor or just enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, Crazy 4 la Timba has a ticket option to suit your needs. Secure your pass today and get ready to experience the best of Cuban culture in Lisbon!

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