For many in the Cuban dance scene, Yoyo Danger Garcia is one of, if not THE best instructor for Afro-Cuban dances in Europe! 

Yoyo received his education in folkloric and modern dances at the E.N.A., the National School of Arts in Cuba. He then graduated with honors from the I.S.A., the University of Arts in Havana, as a dance educator in 2004 and went on to teach there as well. Among his successes was winning the first prize at the choreography competition “Danza” in Havana.

Apart from Afro-Cuban dances, Yoyo also specializes in the bailes populares cubanos, such as Son, Mambo and Cha Cha Chá. Since 2008 he has been living in Germany and teaches at Casa Cultural in Bremen when he’s not busy traveling to various Cuban festivals all over Europe.

Yoyo is not only a superb dancer and didact, but also an overall enthusiastic and charismatic person, whose positive vibes are absolutely contagious :rocket:

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