Useful tips before starting your travel

We hope that you are as excited as we are to dance together in beautiful Lisbon soon :heart_eyes:

Here are some useful tips before starting your travel:

  • If you’re already in Lisbon on Friday, you can take part in one of our bootcamps (Reparto, Ladystyle, Afro).
    You don’t have a ticket yet? You can purchase them here: Buy Tickets ‣ Crazy 4 la Timba
    You already have a ticket? Great!
    Remember that you will have the chance to dance a show (not obligatory) on Saturday. You already received an email with information regarding the show outfit. So don’t forget to pack it :wink:
  • If you want to know more about Lisbon we are offering a guided walking tour as well! We are pretty sure the tour also will have some dancing in it :wink:
    You can still purchase your ticket until Wednesday evening, so hurry up!
    And don’t forget to pack some comfortable shoes for the tour.
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